Hey there

Nice to meet you, I'm Bryan.

I'm a multi-disciplinary designer with a strong focus on interaction and motion design. AKA, I get excited about a lot of different things so I do them all! 

I live in beautiful Columbus, Ohio with my wife, Kristen, and our pup, Jack. We found out we're helicopter pup-parents, and we're okay with that. I enjoy playing drums and brewing beer (and then drinking the beer). 

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Recent work

Spot Vault  •  UX/UI, Motion Design, Dev

Secret Project  •  Motion Design (password required)

Spark  •  UX/UI, Animation

Startup Storytellers  •  Animation

PowerSage  •  Brand, UX/UI, Animation

Tidbits  •  Party mix, mostly GIFs


Talks & workshops

Principle for Mac  •  Prototyping tool